My name is Erik Pukinskis. I am trying to live every day with love for myself and the beautiful life around me. If you'd like to reach me, you can send an email to

I'm working full time on my dream project, Forkolator, a web hosting and development platform for Free Software.

You can visit my blog, the soundtrack to my life, my photostream, my twitter, my dance videos, my coding blog, my facebook profile.

In the school of Informatics at Indiana University I did design research on programming tools for scientists and big tabletop displays.

At UC San Diego I started a PhD about how we use our bodies when we're programming, and I'm very proud of that work even though it didn't quite work out.

I spent a summer sponsored by Google Summer of Code working on AbiWord, a Free word processor, to work on the OLPC.

I have been biking instead of driving since 2004. I can make some delicious vegan food because I love to cook and I try to be as vegan as I can. I am a feminist although I don't always live up to the label.